Cathy Gibson

SCENAR,        Reflexology,        Reiki,       Healing


During Cathy’s 25 years’ nursing experience in Health Care Support she became increasingly passionate about the role of complementary therapies in patients’ recovery and the importance of a holistic approach to care.


Cathy is a Reflexologist, (Traditional, Precision and VRT trained), Reiki Master, Healer (MNFSH) and SCENAR Therapist.


The SCENAR is a handheld electro-stimulation therapeutic medical device developed in Russia to maintain astronauts’ health and well-being during space travel. Numerous combinations of settings mimic nerve impulses in a biofeedback dialogue with the Central Nervous System; relieving pain and treating most conditions successfully.


Following any of Cathy’s treatments you can be left to relax enveloped in a Therapeutic Energy Blanket, again originating from NASA. This feels beautifully calming and greatly enhances the effects of any preceding therapy.


For bookings call the Arcturus Clinic on: 01803 868282

Energy Healing