Claire Gilliam

RGN, BSc Psychology, MSc Health Psychology, MBPsS, AfSFH – sm NCH – sm


Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method for empowering people to achieve change and move forwards with their lives. Using relaxation and visualisation techniques to suggest positive thoughts and images, it can improve wellbeing and promote healthier lifestyles.


This type of therapy is very useful for a wide range of conditions and issues. This includes depression and anxiety, IBS, sleep disturbance, chronic pain, weight loss and phobias to name just a few. In addition, hypnotherapy is extremely effective as an anti-smoking therapy. Sessions are 45 mins – an hour long, the number of sessions varies according to the clients’ needs and the condition being treated. For example, anti-smoking therapy is just one 2 hour session; phobias can be treated in four whilst general therapy averages 8 – 12.


Claire has always been passionate about healthcare, and following an extensive career as a nurse, became interested in a more holistic approach to health. This led to further studies in psychology and hypnotherapy, which now enables her to provide help for clients based on a thorough understanding of how the body and mind work. Therapy is provided in a safe and calming environment, with the clients’ needs always uppermost in her work.


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