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Health begins in the colon so it is important to keep it clean and functioning well. The colon is five+ feet long and a big muscle. Few people eliminate regularly or thoroughly enough, ideally twice or three times a day. Without regular emptying, decay, stagnation and formation of unhelpful bacteria occur. High toxin levels lead to halitosis, irritability, low energy levels, inflammation, low moods etc.


During treatment, warm filtered water is gently introduced into the colon stimulating peristalsis and eliminating waste. Muscle action is improved, pockets in the colon are emptied and it begins to work more efficiently. Gentle abdominal massage may be performed to encourage releasing.


This gentle and deeply effective hydrating technique can enhance the body’s ability to cleanse, rejuvenate and heal, re-establishing hydration, relaxing tense tissues and enhancing wellbeing.


The body eliminates toxins from the cells into the lymph, the blood, the liver, the bile into the colon. If the colon becomes too acidic, accumulates toxins or manifests inflammation then this will be like a caravan for the vehicle of the body to tow. Immunity will be impaired, the body will become stressed and an internal environment created where candida may flourish. If you have cancer, it is particularly important to cleanse your body well and colonic hydrotherapy is a highly effective and safe way of supporting this process.


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Colonic Hydrotherapy