Naturally luxurious and deeply therapeutic, Lynne’s massages are based around the traditional Swedish system. Depending on your individual needs, they can also include elements of Indian Head massage, Hawaiian Lomi-lomi and Hot Basalt stones.

Lynne likes to create a calm environment where clients are gently encouraged turn their senses inward, and rest both their bodies and their minds – this is the healthy way to relax. Lynne’s clients generally lead very busy and demanding lives, but during her sessions they have no need to talk or explain themselves – they can just experience a good long, and nourishing rest!



“I love coming to see Lynne because it’s just so peaceful, whilst outside its all go-go-go!”


“A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”  (Ovid, 43 BC–17 AD)


Therapies offered:

Swedish massage
Indian Head massage
Hot Basalt stones


For bookings call the Arcturus Clinic on: 01803 868282



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