Prune Harris



A medical intuitive able to see energy since birth, Prune helps facilitate optimum health and vitality. She lives in Cornwall, UK, and is the founder of Imaginal Health; an Institute created to bring awareness and consciousness to the health and harmony of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Prune is a certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and one of Donna Eden’s core faculty in Europe and America. A passionate educator whose primary objective is self-empowerment through knowledge and understanding of energy, she has authored dozens of articles, writes weekly blogs and founded the Consciousness Energetics program.


Through Consciousness Energetics, Prune enables individuals, families, community groups and corporations to align their whole-system energies. Such alignment is achieved with sustainability and an understanding that each one of us is part of a matrix of connectiveness and, as such, all actions, thoughts and intentions carry the energetic potential to either enhance, stagnate or damage this vast matrix of connection.


As we walk within this current ecological and social crisis Prune increasingly feels the awakening of ancient energies, returned anew to help reshape our relationships with ourselves, with each other and with all of life on earth.


She divides her time between her teaching and speaking engagements, her private healing practice, and nourishing her spirit with all kinds of passions and interests including her beautiful family, horses, bees, spinning, listening to the universe and being in nature.


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