Ranbir Virk

Ranbir began practising Martial Arts in 1985 achieving Black Belts in Shindo Ryu, Karate and WACO Kickboxing. He then went on to full contact fighting, sustaining numerous injuries resulting in chronic knee problems. In 1992 he studied Hard Qi Gong at the Tse Qi Gong Centre in Manchester and also practised Chen style Tai Chi. These practices helped in the process of healing his injuries.


In 1999 he completed an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and went to Thailand to study Thai Yoga Massage. In 2000 he returned to Thailand to study the advanced energy lines.


For the past ten years he has practised Taoist arts such as Qi Gong, Bagua, Tai Chi and the Water method of Taoist meditation. These arts can be healing and excellent for generating Qi as well as moving the cerebrospinal, lymphatic, synovial and intercellular fluids along with the Qi and the blood that moves them all around the body. The Tui Na is a progression and extension of these studies.


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