Stella came to Reflexology after being inspired by the positive effects on her own health in the early part of 2000. When clients come to see her she will work with them to improve their overall health and the various systems of their body. She uses an innate intuitive ability, along with her 12 years of practice and experience, to guide her into those areas of the client’s well-being which may require help and awareness. She works on the feet and hands, using reflexology to calm, strengthen and help replace strain with renewed energy and balance.


Her personal background and current work combines her experiences in nursing, therapies, care and support work, animal care and dance training. She has both an interest and practical experience in providing reflexology to those with physical and learning disabilities. Stella has also offered voluntary treatments within a palliative care setting, as well as in HIV support.


Stella believes that to relax deeply and naturally can enhance what a client receives during their session – to locate pain, and release discomfort and tension. She encourages her clients to guide her as she helps them through a short consultation process, then uses vertical techniques during Reflexology to help with mobility, the skeletal structure, and to accelerate healing. This process involves the client being in a weight-bearing position, seated, or standing up – to enable her to reach reflexes from a deeper point.


Stella has assisted people with conditions such as sinusitis, insomnia and migraine and through regular Indian Head massage; she practices this therapy either dry, or with oils. She is a full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, and also holds a massage qualification.


Therapies offered:

Indian Head massage
Swedish massage


For bookings call the Arcturus Clinic on: 01803 868282



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