Zoe Prendergast

Zoe Prendergast is a fully qualified Classical Chinese Acupuncturist specialising in women’s health.


After completing a 4 year diploma in Chinese Medicine, Zoe ran busy pregnancy and mother and baby clinics before training in fertility acupuncture at the Shen Dao Institute in Barcelona, where she later practised. Zoe is also a certified HypnoBirthing educator and is currently completing her 5 path Advanced Transformational Hypnosis training at the Banyan Institute.


A woman’s body goes through many cycles in the course of a lifetime, from puberty to pregnancy to menopause, and with many years of menstruation in between, our bodies are in a constant state of change. Using a combination of acupuncture, herbs, deep relaxation techniques and diet and lifestyle advice Zoe offers holistic, safe and effective treatment to harmonise cycles, ease transitions, and to restore balance and overall vitality to women of all ages.


Some of the more commonly treated conditions that Zoe treats include loss of menstrual flow, irregular menses, PMT, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, miscarriage prevention and recovery, pregnancy related conditions, turning of breech babies, birth preparation, post natal depression and menopausal discomfort.


Zoe is very pleased to have joined the Arcturus Clinic team and offers consultations in English, French, Italian and Spanish.


For bookings call the Arcturus Clinic on: 01803 868282