What is AtlasPROfilax® & the First Cervical Vertebra?

The atlas vertebra was named after the Greek titan who was punished by Zeus to carry the world and heavens on his shoulders for an eternity.


Many years of clinical research have shown that the first cervical vertebra, atlas, is more or less mal-rotated form birth, in almost all humans. Trauma such a whiplash, slips and falls, or any sports injuries can push the atlas vertebra in an even worth position, and therefore be the cause of many health problems.


The atlas not only carries the skull, but also is responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management for the spine and skeleton. When the atlas is misaligned it causes the head to tilt, and the spine compensates the mal-rotation of the atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint, trying to maintain the centre of gravity. This will cause neck pain and lower back pain, and impacts the entire spine.


At the atlas vertebra cerebral nerves, arteries, veins, spinal cord and spinal fluid pass through the opening at the base of the skull.


A misalignment of the atlas leads to continuous pressure on the spinal cord, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic channels causing serious physical and mental problems, including significant adverse changes in posture. The spine compensates the mal-rotation of the atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint, causing lower back and/or leg pain. The mal-rotation of the atlas could also have a negative impact on muscles, joints, eyes, ears, jaw, nerves, circulatory system, organs of equilibrium and interior organs.


An atlas in its correct position optimizes circulation and shifts the centre of gravity, thus reducing, or eliminating headaches, migraines, vertigo, neck stiffness, back pain and many other health problems.


The mal-rotation of the atlas vertebra can be accurately and safely corrected by the unique AtlasPROfilax® method with only one application.


Since the atlas is more or less mal-rotated in the majority of people, AtlasPROfilax® provides a safe solution to correct this deviation in only one session.


How much time does the AtlasPROfilax treatment take?

The application of the AtlasPROfilax® method takes two scheduled appointments:


1st appointment (ca. 60 minutes)

  • Informative conversation
  • Fill out client intake form
  • Assessment
  • Application of AtlasPROfilax® treatment


Follow up appointment(ca. 30 minutes)

  • Fill out feedback form
  • Assessment
  • Upper/lower back massage with a thumper


Is the AtlasPROfilax® application safe?

The AtlasPROfilax® method does not pose any health risk because the mechanical vibration is tailored to each individual and works without any manipulation or direct contact to the atlas vertebra. The application works only on the short muscles of the neck in order to let the atlas move into its natural and stable position.


The AtlasPROfilax application can be performed only by an AtlasPROfilax specialist (Atlasprof) who has been educated and certified at the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland.


What is the difference between AtlasPROfilax and other techniques?

The essential difference between the AtlasPROfilax method and other techniques for correcting the atlas relies on the condylar decompression generated through muscle and ligament release in the cervical region and therefore results in a permanent alignment.


Where do I find a certified AtlasPROfilax® practitioner, a so-called Atlasprof®?

Only Atlasprofs who are listed in the Official Directory of the international website or other national, regional or continental sites are working according to the ethics, rules and prerequisites set by the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland® and the International Association of Qualified Atlasprof®s (IAQA). Each Atlasprof has to undergo an annual Quality Control Test and commit himself/herself to work according to the rules and regulations of the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland.


The AtlasPROfila®xMethod




Upright walking and health were only words for the Swiss born René-Claudius Schümperli for a long time. He did not know the reason for his suffering. Just like many other people neither western medicine was able to help, nor did osteopathy or any other known atlas therapies.


Within the scope of dealing with his suffering and efforts of self-help, he suspected that most people have a malrotated first cervical (named atlas). Further treatments with other clients confirmed his original suspicion. In the course of his suffering, Schümperli developed a method to get the atlas into a stable position: doing so, was a breakthrough for mankind!


In contrast, representatives of other opinions only assume a slightly defective position (sub-luxation) in some cases only tenths of millimeters. But it is a fact, that the atlas is in most cases malrotated. According to the different approaches, the methods of treatment are also completely different. Other applications are based on the assumption of a minimal malrotation and therefore, a correction can never be achieved completely. In contrast, the method of Mr. Schümperli is able to let the atlas return gently and permanently into its optimum position.



The method is to release existing tensions by a specific massage of the short neck muscles and by doing so to allow the atlas to move back into its anatomical position. A subsequent follow-up with additional support of the self-healing process is essential. Having reached its natural position, it can never rotate again due to anatomical and mechanical reasons. This application has only to be done once and guarantees that the atlas will stay in its correct position. This permanence offers the chance to complete physical, spiritual and mental development and the possibility to be upright and healthy.



Since the human organism is able to heal itself thanks to the AtlasPROfilax® method, it is primarily a preventive measure. Therefore, it is indicated to apply it to children as early as possible, so they can grow up healthy and develop in an optimal way.


Possible Reactions

Occasionally, there might be reactions, which can occur right after the AtlasPROfilax® application in some cases or even weeks later in other cases. These are a signal for the progress of a self-healing process.


Possible reactions range from fatigue, muscle tension in the neck, in the back, to general exhaustion. Also, some earlier experienced aches and pains might flare up. Therefore, be aware of your body, note changes within your condition and support the self-healing process with regular massages.



The AtlasPROfilax® method is no compensation for medical care or diagnostics. Any current treatments must neither be interrupted nor terminated, also future treatments must not be postponed. The AtlasPROfilax® method is neither a diagnostic method nor a medical therapy, no diseases, no symptoms of diseases, no medical conditions and no sufferings are medicated.


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Marie Agnes