Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an approach that concentrates on the present and future, instead of the past. By utilizing this particular type of clinical hypnotherapy, we can use up to date scientific research and knowledge to help people to make positive changes and move forward in their lives. Instead of concentrating on whatever issues prompt someone to seek help, this method focuses on what each individual client wants to achieve.


This is accomplished by using simple relaxation and visualisation techniques, allowing clients to focus on the positive aspects of their lives. By setting realistic goals in a small incremental fashion, greater overall changes can occur over a period of time. This results in a healthier approach to the issues that we can all encounter in life and allows people to view their lives from a different perspective.


Hypnotherapy can help improve many conditions and there is a significant amount of research documenting the reduction or improvement in symptoms. I specialise in treating Anxiety, Stress and Depression, however, listed below are some of the other common issues that I can help with using Solution Focused therapy.


Chronic Pain
Sleep disturbances
Weight management


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Claire Gilliam